GPL - I am a bit confused

GPL - I am a bit confused

Post by Steffen Offerma » Fri, 09 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Could somebody please enlighten me... I have been uncertain about
the correct interpretation of the GNU general public license and
the GNU library public license for years. I understand that, if I
use the GNU compiler, linker and assembler and the GNU libraries,
I have to give everybody the opportunity to relink my program
with modified libraries. But do I have to supply the _source code_
(C/C++) or only the compiled object files of my work? If the lat-
ter is true, I will soon start writing software for linux and
UNIX, but if I am obliged to place the complete work, including
the C source code, under the GPL, I will certainly never do any
extensive programming for linux. It's just a matter of time and
money - I cannot afford working for nothing.

Please answer via private e-mail to

Do not use the origin address of this posting!

Tschoe, Steffen


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