How to install gtk+ and glib in Redhat 5.0

How to install gtk+ and glib in Redhat 5.0

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I got *.tar.gz files
How to install

1. Gnome + GTK+ + GLIB + Glade development under RedHat 5.2 ???

There is a strong possibility that I will need to develop a Gnome / GTK+
C++ application to be run under RedHat 6.1 (or later).   However, my
development machine is presently running RedHat 5.2.  There are a pile
of reasons why I cannot just upgrade my machine to Red Hat 6.1 (don't
ask -- you don't really want to know).  I have not developed a *pure*
C++ w/GUI application in some time -- generally, I have been using
Tcl/Tk to create a GUI front-end for non-GUI C++ class libraries, but
this job will be different.

I have done some poking around and have found that I cannot just
download the current SRPM release of Gnome, GTK+, GLIB, and Glade and do
a rpm --rebuild, some some parts (gnome-libs in particular) seem to want
some extra stuff: gnome-libs wants utmepter, which needs something from
glibc 2.1, for example.  I have no interest in actually running the
Gnome desktop on my RedHat 5.2 box (I personally have no use for the
excessive eye-candy), I just want to create the GUI easily and quickly.

I have upgraded *some* pieces (I am running current versions of the GTK+
and GLIB development packages: rpm -qa | grep ^gtk
gtk+-1.2.3-2 rpm -qa | grep ^glib-

And I am running an older version of gnome: rpm -qa | grep ^gnome

And I don't have glade installed at all.

Is there a version of the gnome development libraries and a version of
glade available that can be installed on a more or less stock RedHat 5.2
system?  I would *prefer* RPMs (or SRPMs), but I have no trouble with
tarballs of sources.

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