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i'm trying to migrate off my win95 workstation & start using my redhat
6.2 box
i need some guidance though--

using gnome, and the gnome terminal emulator with bash as my shell, I'm
trying to set it up so that when I click on the icon for a shell
session (the gnome term emulator) it automatically reads
my .bash_profile
i was curious if gnome had something similar to a .dtlogin file that
exists with CDE?
What's happening now is strange. the settings i've started with are
PAGER and set -o vi
the details of how its behaving currently would be long-winded; but i'm
hoping someone can straighten me out or point me toward a document or
site that would shed light on controlling my envrionmental variables.

the other question is email client, spread sheet software--
are most usng star office for such?
or am i better off just using pine and some other spread sheet program.
i may end up using soffice anyway cause on occassion I have to share
word and excel files  with others. what have other peoples experiences
been with this?

appreciate any feedback,

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Is there a proper fixed bash on any of the FTP sites out there?

I know there bash is on the usual sites but I don't know if they are
bugged or not :(




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