Java: Solaris(tm)JIT ==> Linux

Java: Solaris(tm)JIT ==> Linux

Post by Robert E. Bowle » Wed, 22 Jan 1997 04:00:00

As many of you are aware...
-       Sun has released a Java JIT for Solaris x86 and Sparc.
-       Netscape Navigator for Win95 has a JIT built in.
-       Kaffe lacks AWT (and other things)

Recently (suprising not sooner) I had the thought (one of few)
that since x86Solaris is iBCS-SVR4 compliant, one might load the
ibcs2 module (from and KABOOM, a full-featured JIT
for work and play!!!

No such luck.
Whereas I no longer got core dumps, the JIT couldn't find ""
from "/usr/i486-sysv4/lib". "No Problem", I thought,"Rebuild gcc to
to Solaris. Then rebuild". No luck. Try an older version. Core
dumps again.

Sunsite has an AWFUL lot of x86Solaris's. A brute-force
trial+error ordeal
doesn't appeal to me.

Maybe someone more familiar than I with the IBCS and/or Solaris has an

        Where can I find a SVR4 that works w/ iBCS.o?
        How can I build a  SVR4 that works w/ iBCS.o?
        Is there a simple answer I've overlooked?


1. Release of Sun(tm)'s Java(tm) Development Kit Beta 1.0 for Linux

I obtained the required files and have most things working

The .java_wrapper script does not execute properly on
my RedHat Linux bash.  The line:

PRG=`which $0` >/dev/null 2>&1

does not execute the "which $0" command correctly.
An "echo $PRG" inserted after this line yields the
following upon execution of any of the symbolic links
to this file (./javac temp):

which: no ./javac in (/usr/local/bin:...etc...:/usr/local/java/bin)


dirname: too many arguments looks like a problem with bash to me.  Any similar
experiences or helpful comments?

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