LSM Update: News & a new Opinion poll

LSM Update: News & a new Opinion poll

Post by Jeff Kopman » Tue, 22 Mar 1994 09:34:32

LSM Update:

Well its been quite a long time since you last heard from me.  Here's what's
been going on concerning the LSM.

My last post to COLA was concerning whether or not someone else would like
to take over the LSM.  Lots of you responded, mostly with "You've done a
fine job and I'd like you to keep doing it."  I had quite a few offers to
take it over, but always with the congratulatory message from above.  I
really appreciate your comments about my performance, lax as it is.

In the past 3 months, I've had to move to DOS/Windows because of an
after-work consulting job that needed that environment.  Linux bit the dust
in early January on my system.

The up-side is that I've had to learn Visual BASIC and chose the LSM as a
first application to work on.  It's turned out marvelously and will
definitely improve my dismal turnaround times.  Most import functions and
maintenance functions can all be done with mouse clicks...a big improvement
over the last app that used text script files.

Anyway, I've one more function to write...generating an LSM to distribute.
The new program uses a fully relational MS Access database, complete with
memo fields for many of those * Comment and Required fields.  Also, with
the MS CrystalReports, I could generate nearly any format.

What I'm asking for now is for an idea of what kind of format would be most
beneficial to YOU.  I've never liked dictating the format, but have had to
due to the inflexibility and lack of programming time.  VB changes all that.
I could certainly write out the old style format, but with many of the sizes
and line limitations gone, I can do nearly anything.   So...

Tell me what you would like to see in the LSM format.  If you can, try to
give some justification or reason for the way you'd like it, as the result
will be a compromise of sorts, and if you come up with a really good reason,
there's a better likelihood of its inclusion.

I'd prefer email responses, as I only monitor comp.os.linux.announce and
don't really follow the other groups.  You can either respond to this post,

I'll be shooting for sometime at the end of May to release a new LSM, so if
you can get your ideas to me quickly that would help.  And by the way, May
26 is the 1 year anniversary of the LSM.  FYI.

Thanks again for your generous compliments and helpful comments,
-Jeff.  :)


Organizer of the Linux Software Map (LSM)   |  phone: (313) 393-4784 (work)
"So shines a good deed in a weary world."  -Willy Wonka


1. Nec 3x Internal (new one) - Opinion Poll

  Ok, I'm sorry to bother you guys about this, but I want to buy a
CDrom Soon, and i'm in a bit of a bind on deciding between two.
People have been telling me to get the Toshiba 3401 2x, but I'de
rather pop another $50 and get the NEC 3x ($300 vs $350).  The reason
most people tell me that that the Toshiba is better is because it has
been around longer, and has more drivers out for it.  My primary
concern is that there woun't be too many more drivers out, but I was
wondering what you all though.  Do you think the NEC 3x will be
stable, and that more drivers will be written for it in time.  It
doesn't matter if there are few drivers, just as long as it works
with a PAS16's CDrom Doohicky.  
        So, what is it?  Will the NEC 3x be supported more in the
future?  Or is it a phase that will pass, and the slower Toshiba 3401
be a better all-round buy.  
        One last thing, a store that had the $300 price on the
Toshiba called it the Toshiba 3401B.. does anyone know what the
difference between a 3401 and a 3401B are?

Some Stats:
        Transfer Rate   Seek Time       Cost
Toshiba 300k/s          200ms           $300
NEC     450k/s          195ms           $350

        (I'm not exactly sure about the seek time, but I know there is
only a 5ms diff between the two)


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