Help with a AccuPoint mouse...

Help with a AccuPoint mouse...

Post by Justin Braac » Sat, 04 May 1996 04:00:00

I have a Toshiba Satellite T2155CDS notebook computer.  This little
beauty comes equipped with an AccuPoint mouse built into the keyboard.
Supposedly it uses the PS/2 proticol, and I think that it is detected at
startup.  For some reason however, I can't get the dang thing to do
anything.  I've tried using setup to use the PS/2 mouse.  After I try
running test-mouse, it says that the device is busy or unavailable.  

I dunno.  Any Ideas?

Justin Braach

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I recently installed Linux on my laptop computer (a Toshiba something
or other... 2150CDS?).  Anyways, it works pretty decent except for
not having quite enough ram to handle X.  So I'd really like to get
gpm working... except I can't even get my mouse to work.

My "mouse" is actually one of those little "joysticks" in the middle
of the keyboard, officially known as the "AccuPoint".  Unfortunately;
the documentation that came with the computer is a little vague when
it comes to the AccuPoint.  Although; I did learn a couple ways to
help prevent my finger from sliding off of it, if it gets too oily

So... after receiving no takers on my local distribution, I've moved
up a bit-- can anyone out there tell me what kindof "mouse" my
AccuPoint qualifies as, and how to configure it for Linux?  (or
Linux for it? hmm).

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