Help with error messages...

Help with error messages...

Post by Jean-David Beye » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

This morning, I found the following error message on my console
(the thing you get when you press control-alt-pf1):

sym53c810a-1: script cmd = 88080000
sym53c810a-1: regdump: da 10 80 13 47 08 03 1e 80 01 83 21 80
01 01 00.
st0: Error with sense data: [valid=0] Info fld=0x0, Current
st09:00: sense key Unit Attention
Additional sense indicates Power on, reset, or bus device reset

I have two questions about this.

1.) I do not normally leave console #1 logged in, so normally,
I would never have seen this message. There is nothing like
this in /var/log/messages where I would normally expect to find
it. Is there a way to make this appear there? I assume it is
the driver for the sym53c810a, the narrow SCSI controller that
has only my DDS-2 tape drive on it.

2.) Does anyone know how to interpret what this message means?
I do know that it was doing a verification of a backup it had
just made from disk to tape, and got a read error on the
device. It seems to have been totally unrecoverable and all the
blocks after the one with the read error had incorrect
checksums. Yet I had no trouble re-running the backup job
correctly (with the same, fairly new, tape).

I had this problem once before, and someone advised me that the
tape drive, less than about 6 months old, was failing. My
vendor replaced the drive, and I get the same thing on the new
one that I just installed August 8. Tape Drive is HP C1599A

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