xgopher and term

xgopher and term

Post by Bill McKinn » Tue, 18 Oct 1994 12:55:06


>Looked around and couldn't find anything that fit the bill. Anyone point
>me to xgopher w/ term? TIA.

There is a package of MANY term programs including xgopher. Here
is the lsm file for it:

Title: termnet-2.0.4 Linux binaries        
Version: 2.0.4      
Entered-date: 07 SEP 94  
Description: term binaries for fet, rcp, rlogin, rsh, rcp, finger, fwhois,
             perl, telnet, ftp, ncftp, tmon, trdate, trdated, tredir,
             trdated, tredir, trsh, tshutdown, tudpredir, tupload, txconn,
             xarchie, xgopher, and ytalk
Keywords: term Linux binaries      
Maintained-by: Bill C. Riemers      
Primary-site:  physics.purdue.edu
Alternate-site: sunsite.unc.edu
Original-site: physics.purdue.edu
Platform: Linux binaries
Copying-policy: GPL

 Bill McKinney


xgopher and term

Post by Bill McCart » Tue, 18 Oct 1994 10:45:21


Looked around and couldn't find anything that fit the bill. Anyone point
me to xgopher w/ term? TIA.

Bill McCarthy

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1. xgopher + term

Has anyone had any luck getting xgopher + term  up and running
on Slackware? I have ncftp+term and termtelnet  working but the parts
for xgopher on  Snusite do not seem to match. (xgoper is an older
source than the patch, Xaw libs are only available in 3d) Perhaps this
project is too ambitious for my skills.  I would really like to get
gopher working in some form over term.

Stan Beeler

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