Servlet engine on linux?

Servlet engine on linux?

Post by Vish P. Saty » Sat, 13 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Wondering if there is any servlet engine availbale on linux distro. I am
looking for Servlet Runner or Jrun or Servlet exec? If none is available is
there a website I can down load it from?

 Also, same for the netclient for oracle on linux?

Thanks in advance!

Vish P. Satya


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Hi everybody,

I'm doing some kind of research for my studies and I'm looking for the
best way to implement SERVLETS in especially these www-servers:
a) Apache
b) Microsoft IIS
c) Netscape Server(s)

Most important thing is, whether it's possible to check user-rights,
user-id's or not. I think with JServ it's not possible, is it?

Thank You very much,


Oh, one more thing: Please send any answers to my private E-Mail as
well, cause I don't read this newsgroup.

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