Postscript printing thru Netscape?

Postscript printing thru Netscape?

Post by Jimmie Mayfiel » Fri, 02 May 1997 04:00:00

Hi guys.  Quick question: has anyone had problems printing/saving
Postscript in Netscape?  It seems that Netscape doesn't know when to
start a new line of text which causes text to get cut off by the
right margin.

I suspect the problem is that Netscape makes some wrong assumptions
about the geometry of the Postscript fonts ghostscript and ghostscript
are using.  If this is the problem, is there any way to inform Netscape
of the correct font geometry?

In its present state, Netscape's postscript capabilities are next to
useless on my machine...

BTW, I'm currently running Navigator 3.0b5 but I've seen the problem
with earlier versions as well.

Any ideas?  Thanks.


Jimmie Mayfield
mayfield (a t) pa:uky:edu (Unsolicited junk email unwelcome here)


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When I try to print in netscape a html file, I get this type of output:

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What fonts are required to print with netscape?  I downloaded the
standard and optional fonts. (the standard I think came with
ghostscript, and I downloaded the optional fonts.).

If anyone knows where I can find these download sites, please let me

Stephen Marz

P.S. Please respond via email.

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