Xconfig for CLDG5428VL card and AOC 337 monitor.

Xconfig for CLDG5428VL card and AOC 337 monitor.

Post by A.A.Buy » Wed, 19 Jan 1994 17:36:58


I recently installed XF86 on my computer. I set up an Xconfig
file for my monitor based on the data in the modeDB file for VESA
and the AOC monitor combined with the CL5426 graphics card.
Everything works, at least for slow dot clocks. When using a 70MHz or
faster dot clock, the screen is shifted to the left by approx. 2 cm,
and it cannot be shifted enough to the right by changing the horizontal
sync pulse. When the shift gets to large, the screen gets distorted

What is wrong? Has anybody had the same problem?
Did I miss an option?

Technical stuff:
486DX40 VLB with CL5428VL video card and AOC 337 monitor.
Linux 0.99.14 Slackware 1.1.1 distribution

N.B. the only difference between the CL5428 chip and the CL5426 is
that the former has a 85MHz dot clock that the latter hasn't. The
other dot clocks are exactly the same.

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