keyboard problem with gnome

keyboard problem with gnome

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I have installed RH7 with Gnome and KDE on a PC. Everything works as
expected except for the backspace and delete keys under Gnome. I have
tried to set the maps, and keyboard types but to no avail. I have a
win98, 105 key, UK keyboard. The backspace and delete keys just beep
when I press them. However under KDE they work fine. Is there a bug in
Any ideas?


Jon Tsu

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1. strange GNOME keyboard problem


i just found a strange keyboard problem on Helix GNOME. what i'm using is a
Mandrake 7.2. installation, with the GNOME that came in the CD.

this morning i discovered that i can't use the 'g' key. it instead "cycles"
the active window: it becomes inactive and then back to active in a split-
second. so i can't use 'G', 'control-g' either, and gave gave identical

i can, however, paste 'g' using my mouse if i can find one from somewhere.

i have checked that DRAKCONF shows US keyboard as my default keyboard.
the strange thing about this problem is that it doesn't show up in KDE.

thanks in advance for any hints.



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