Bus Logic BT-930 FlashPoint LT ???

Bus Logic BT-930 FlashPoint LT ???

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I am about to purchase PC. The vendor ships it with BT-930. I can choose
AHA-2940U (Ultra SCSI) for extra $100 as an option.
As much as I know BT-930 is not supported by Linux.
Could someone tell me , If there is a driver for AHA-2940U (I know, there is
one for AHA-2940) and if so, are there any problems with it. Would it be better
to trade in BT-930 for BT-948. I heard that BT-948 is very well suported by

Thanks in advance,



1. Buslogic Flashpoint LT (BT-930) linux support?

  We would like to install Linux on our new Micron dual P133 SMP box.

  However I have been unable to find any info about driver availibility
  of a Linux driver that supports the new Buslogic Flashpoint LT.

There is no Linux driver available for the FlashPoint LT and none is likely
to appear anytime soon.  Your best bet is to upgrade to a BT-946C or
BT-956C from Micron.  The BT-946C/956C are much better suited to a
multitasking operating system like Linux anyway.

  Any information on current drivers or development efforts would be
  most appreciated!

There are no development efforts presently under way.


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