Announcing Craftworks(TM) Linux

Announcing Craftworks(TM) Linux

Post by Karen Nelso » Tue, 10 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Craftwork Solutions, Inc


                          Craftworks(TM) Linux 2.0

                            Now Taking Orders !!


Craftworks Linux is a "FULLY" supported menu driven installation with
builtin integrity checking. This easy step by step installation is suited
for either a Novice User and/or an Expert User.

-- 100% ELF with a.out compatibility
-- Stable Kernel 1.2.8 with PCI SCSI patches
-- Kernel extendable via loadable modules
-- Selectable modular installation and maintenence
-- Developer's toolkit (gcc 2.7.0) with stable de*
-- Ability to configure as a WEB Server and/or Client
-- Databases: Postgres 95, Typhoon (dbvista clone)
-- System V init with built in UPS capabilities
-- X11R6 (Xfree 3.1.2)
-- DOSEMU under Virtual console and X Windows (DOS in a box)
-- IBCS modular for running Intel binaries (SCO,FreeBSD,X86,Solaris etc)
-- SNMP Ready
-- Sendmail, mh and exmh
-- NETBIOS Services (Samba)
-- Ghostscript - A Postscript interpreter and viewer
-- IP Firewall and Internet secure Socket Server (SOCKS)
-- Extensive online documentation available, manpages and Linux
   documentation guides
-- Support for PCMCIA card services

And much much more! Some of the major Catalogs included:

-- System Components
-- Standard System Additions
-- Commercial Test Drive, BRU, Angoss, etc.
-- Sourceware  (selected shareware/freeware)
-- Work in Progress

For a FULL list of catalogs and their components please visit our

The Following Work-In-Progress Components, still being developed. by
the Linux Community but available on this release for you to use:

** LessTif, Motiif drop-in replaement
** LyriX, the High Level Word Processor
** Fresco, Object-oriented application programming interface.

Ordering Information:

Craftwork Solutions is now taking orders for Craftworks Linux CD for only
$90.00 plus tax & shipping with 30 days free support. A 1 Year support
contract and other pricing options are available. Call NOW 408-985-1878 for
more information or to place your order. Most major credit cards accepted.


General Information:

Craftwork Solutions, Inc. is also developing other features for future releases
We offer Systems Integration and support for Linux and other platforms.
Other services include but are not limited to System Administration and
support for Linux, SunOS, Solaris, HPUX and numerous other operating systems
and platforms. Craftwork Solutions, Inc. also specializes in Network design,
setup and configuration along with the installation and configuration of
Bastion Hosts, WEB servers/clients, HTML programming. We also specialize in
custom programming in various languages. Allow us to provide you with a
TOTAL SOLUTION for your needs.


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The .java_wrapper script does not execute properly on
my RedHat Linux bash.  The line:

PRG=`which $0` >/dev/null 2>&1

does not execute the "which $0" command correctly.
An "echo $PRG" inserted after this line yields the
following upon execution of any of the symbolic links
to this file (./javac temp):

which: no ./javac in (/usr/local/bin:...etc...:/usr/local/java/bin)


dirname: too many arguments looks like a problem with bash to me.  Any similar
experiences or helpful comments?

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