NFSS TeX fonts on Slackware

NFSS TeX fonts on Slackware

Post by Donald B Mar » Tue, 23 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Fellow Linux users,

I am now one clue short of being able to remove my MS-Windows
partition.  So here's my question:

Could someone please post or mail me a brief example of a*file
that uses one or more of the Postscript fonts installed by Slackware?

Many thanks in advance.
Don Marti Jr.         |

                      | further than a big budget and no clue.


1. TeX--Installation with NFSS


typesetting the german version of the Linux Handbook Ver2.0 ther were
many overfull and underfull \hboxes . Looking at the output I noticed
no hyphenation at all. Installing the german addons for TeX ther were
less warnings about the hboxes. Now I tried to install the NFSS package
from Stuttgart (New Font Selecting Scheme) and both english and german
hyphenation patterns. But it didn't work, there was not enough space
for the patterns.

Whatever I tried, nothing worked. So I took the original TeX-distribution
from Stuttgart (tex3.14.tar.Z) and tried to install it. Now there is
another problem. After invoking make with the option triptrap for compiling
weave and tangle the gcc compiler complains about errors in tangle.h
dvitype.h ... The files are containing strange characters, the tangle.c
and weave.c sources are ok. Now I choosed an other computer and tried again.
This time there were similar strange characters in tangle.c and weave.c but
tangle.h and weave.h seemed to be ok.

I don't think that there is a mistake in the contribution because the
installation on a HP710 under HP-UX 8.07 was no problem. So, what is
wrong, where is the mistake?

Thanks in advance


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