Interested in new Linux BBS software?

Interested in new Linux BBS software?

Post by Holger Mue » Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Guten Tag!

This posting is to evaluate the interest in a new Linux BBS
software written by me. If enough people want to have a look
at it I will set up a distribution including a sample
installation which can be used as start of an own BBS.

The software is called BugBoard! due to suggestions of my
users and provides the following features:

o Easy to use: Menues can be used by hot key or cursor key

o Full screen file browser: Browse with cursor keys through
  available files, scroll up/down, list contents of
  archives, etc. To my opionion more comfortable than other
  BBS' file browsers.

o Comfortable mail browser: Browse through your new mails
  with cursor keys, scroll up/down like in file browser!
  See on once glance if mails are read and/or replied!

o Help system: User can request context sensitive help
  texts nearly on every screen!

o Supports weekly top ten of uploaders. Results are send
  by mail on end of week --- so you can see if your users
  are lazy!

o Spy feature so sysop can watch user's actions (and even type
  into users screen to help him).

o Sysop chat.

o Extensive upload check including searching for defect files,
  removal of unwanted files from archives, adding bbs ads to
  archives, extraction descriptions.

o Flexible configuration of user's access rights: More flexible
  than other BBS' level systems.

o Full colored screens, menues, etc.

o Flexible configuration of displayed texts.

o Oneliners for anynomous offenses :), bulletins for important
  announcements, statistic display, etc.

o Extensive logging features.

o Much much more.... :)

The software is running on my system for half a year now and
my users are quite satisfied. However, there are some major
features not implemented yet:

o No multi-node support: Only one user can be logged on.
  (Will be fixed soon...)

o Only ZIP archives are allowed: Will extend this to support
  ARJ, tar, and other formats as well. (Supporting only
  Gravis Ultrasound demos/support files for DOS on my board...)

o Only Zmodem, Xmodem, Ymodem as serial protocols available,
  no HS/Link or similar like on DOS. However, local uploads
  for sysop and net uploads via rcp are possible. Working on
  FTP support...

o Only one layer of conferences possible, no tree structure.
  Only a small set of conferences supported, like 20 or so.
  Will fix this as soon I have finished a scrolling conference
  selection menue.

o No limitation of daily online time, daily download limit, etc.
  Will implement this soon too.

o Above mentioned help systems works but the help texts are not

o Nearly no documentation available. You will have to learn
  from the sample installation...

Well, if you're still interested, leave me a mail...


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This is just a short message announcing the fact that a brand new Linux
BBS system, 'Marvin', using a brand new (and still under development)
BBS/online package for UNIX, is now online and operational at 703 492

Where this system differs from many others is in the use of a scalable and
consistant event driven windowing interface which supports all classes of
dialup terminal users.  We have also developed very easy to use visually
oriented system administration tools.

The system is new and still in early 'flight' testing.  We would be happy
make the software available to other interested beta testers free of
and perhaps on a public ftp site as well.

Marvin BBS; 703 492 9301/9101 - infinitely improbable


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