Font Editor (TT) for Linux

Font Editor (TT) for Linux

Post by Zachary Kessi » Tue, 21 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Does anyone know if there is a Font Editor for Linux? Specificly one
that can do true type fonts?


--Zach Kessin


1. screwy font scaling with tt fonts

I have this same exact problem on every computer I have recently put
true type fonts on.

Here's a screen shot

Half the fonts are huge, and some are way tinier than they should be.
All the fonts that are the correct size are not ttf fonts.  I have
looked everywhere and cannot find anything out about this.  I have
installed ttf fonts from multiple sources, tried different versions of
freetype2, compiled X4.2 against different versions of freetype2,
compiled X4.2 with the version of freetype2 included with it, etc.


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