COMMERCIAL: $79.95 MoTeeth for Linux

COMMERCIAL: $79.95 MoTeeth for Linux

Post by Randy Ju » Thu, 20 Jul 1995 04:00:00

                                   MoTeeth TM
                       A Port of OSF/Motif 2.0 for Linux

                            c 1995: Just Computers!

   Just Computers! is proud to announce the release of MoTeeth, a port of
   Motif for Linux which is 100% compatible with OSF/Motif 2.0  This product
   is an effort to bring a low-cost version of the popular Motif GUI for
   X Window to Linux users.  The initial introductory price of this product
   is *$79.95*.

   This package includes a 140+ page manual in addition to a CD-ROM which
   contains all the necessary files to run Motif and develop your own
   Motif applications.  MoTeeth is compiled from the original OSF/Motif
   source code.  Applications generated with MoTeeth can be distributed
   royalty free providing no licensing terms are violated.  Licensing terms
   are provided on the CD-ROM.  MoTeeth supports both Motif 2.0 and Motif
   1.2 with instructions how to compile for either environment.

                            System Requirements

   Linux Version 1.0 or higher, libc 4.4.4, X11R5 or X11R6, 12Mb disk
   space, 8Mb RAM to run Motif and 12Mb RAM to compile applications.

                        Overview of CD-ROM Included

   mwm (Motif Window Manager)             UIL Compiler

   Shared Library (libXm and LibMrm)      On-Line Manual Pages

   Static Libraries                       Complete OSF/Motif Users guide
   (libXm, libMrm and libUil)             (ASCII and PostScript)

   Header and Include Files               Demo Programs with source code

   Motif tools and scripts from the       Motif Applications from the
   Internet Archives                      Internet Archives included

   ELF Binaries                           200MB of Internet Archives

                  Introductory Offer Until August 4 - $ 79.95

                            After August 4 - $ 99.95

   Shipping in the U.S., Canada and Mexico - $ 8.00
   All other destinations U.S. AirMail       $12.00

   Additional shipping methods available.  Please inquire

   Visa/MasterCard/American Express gladly accepted  COD also available

      Just Computers!  -  PO Box 751414  -  Petaluma, CA 94975-1414   USA
      800-800-1648  (Toll Free)  707-586-5600 (Int'l)  707-586-5606 (FAX)

         (web page)


   MoTeeth is exepected to start shipping the week of July 24.  If you
   place an order, your chargecard will not be charged until the product

                                 Return Policy

   MoTeeth includes a 30 day no questions asked return policy.  At anytime
   during the 30 days after receipt of MoTeeth, the product can be returned.
   Just Computers! will refund the purchase price of MoTeeth less shipping

                                Product Warranty

   MoTeeth from Just Computers! is provided as-is with no warranties
   expressed or implied.  No product can be guaranteed to work on all
   machines, nor can it be guaranteed to be fit for a given purpose.
   Every effort has been made to ensure that MoTeeth will work on the
   widest variety of hardware possible, but no guarantees of compatibility
   are made.  Due to the low cost of MoTeeth, technical support is

   installation questions.

   The purchaser of the software needs to determine compatability and the
   proper usage of the software.  Just Computers! will not assume any
   liability for the use of mis-use of this software.