Printer created with foomatic-configure prints more than I need

Printer created with foomatic-configure prints more than I need

Post by th.. » Fri, 23 May 2003 01:30:49


I added a printer to RedHat 8 using the following command:

foomatic-configure -s lprng -n p1 -c smb://workgroup/warehouse/warehouse \
-p HP-LaserJet_2200 -d ljet4

It prints fine except that it adds borders (box) around a page. It also
prints "Printed by", today's date, file name and "Page 1/X" headers.
How can I suppress all that and print only the actual data that I send
to the printer? Thanks.



1. Configuring print queue using SAM for printing to a remote printer

We have a new printer that we set up on our NT box and
would also like to be able to print from the RS6000 box.
Some of the info that i received said  that the two files
that i need are etc/hosts and etc/printcap.  I dont have there some other way to set this printer up
so that we can print to it from the RS6000? I would
appreciate any input.

Thank YOU!!

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