Win 98 Killed lilo - can't start Linux

Win 98 Killed lilo - can't start Linux

Post by Armando Orti » Thu, 15 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> Hi,

> I don't know how to fix the problem, but I can tell you that this has happened
> too me too.  My system (IDE drives) had separate Win98 and Linux partitions
> on the same disk.
> When Win98 crashed, it occasionally corrupted my Linux partition.  I discovered
> this by booting from my rescue disk and running `fdisk`.

> I have yet to figure out why this is happening.  I'm eventually going to install
> a separate hard drive for Linux.  Hopefully, this will fix the problem.

> Does anyone have any insights on this one?

>                                         - Dave (Da Slug)

> : I can't fix lilo.

> : I have a Scsi disk and when I boot from the Rescue floppies, 0 SCSI devices
> : are detected. I can't use insmod because aic7xxx and insmod are not on the
> : rescue set. I can boot in expert mode (using the CDROM) and find aic7xxx and
> : insmod, but I can't copy them to a floppy because device /dev/fd0 does not
> : exist. When I try to run Lilo from expert mode, I get the error message:
> : Can't find file or directory /dev/sda.

I have a 6.4GB Quantum IDE drive split halfway with LILO on the MBR...I had to
install Windows98 first before I got COLv1.3 installed, but the two seem to live
happily on the same drive...never tried splitting the SCSI drives, tho...



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