Help with setting up HP T45xi Printer

Help with setting up HP T45xi Printer

Post by MegaSurg » Sat, 23 Feb 2002 05:25:41

I have an HP T45xi printer which I believe is a supported model under
SuSE 7.3.  I used Yast2 to configure the printer using cups.  The
printer was detected properly but it still doesn't work after setting it
up.  I tried searching on the suse online support for "t45 printer" but
nothing came up regarding that.

I also tried following the directions for the HP Linux InkJet Driver
project (found at but that also didn't

SuSE 7.3 comes with cups 1.1.10, so I tried upgrading the drivers to
1.1.14 from source found at, but it still didn't work
properly.  One thing that I'm getting consistently with this setup
regardless if I'm using the packaged cups 1.1.10 that came with SuSE or
the 1.1.14 version downloaded from the site, is when I try doing an lp
from the command line I get the following results:

psonick:~/work/personal> lp -d lp resume.txt
Segmentation fault

Can anyone direct me to documentation and/or assist me with getting this
to work properly?

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