Read/Write ext2 fs from DOS ?

Read/Write ext2 fs from DOS ?

Post by Matthias Maisenbach » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00


does any dos tool exist which is capable to read/write from/to
an ext2 formatted file system ?

I needed at least the possibility to write to an ext2 floppy in A:\

Thank You In Advance




1. virtual read/write fs over read-only fs


I have read somewhere that there is a way to mount
a cd-rom file system and make it appear as a read/write

I wonder if I could use the same program to mount
hard-disk read-only file systems. This could help
me to mount by NFS different PC's with different
configuration files over the same base read-only  
filesystem. (for example, to have a full version
of windows 3.1 installed in the read-only file
system, and allow each remote PC to modify it's own
.ini files transparently over it's own read/write

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