big X font size in Debian

big X font size in Debian

Post by tvn198 » Fri, 24 May 2002 23:41:10

Hi,  I just installed Debian woody and my the font on my X screen is very
big.  (Note that this is the general X font , not gtk related - the fonts on
gtk apps are very nice and normal).

I suspect it has to do with 75 and 100dpi font but I am not sure if it is or
how to fix it.

I made a screenshot of my screen
Notice the font size of the bar "Album: mPlayer sshot - Mozzila ",  then the
bar of xchat , the Mozilla's download window fonts size and blackbox taskbar
at the bottom.  (the font of aterm and xchat are nice and normal).

Please help me on this - thanks in advance.


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I am trying to configure the screen for a login using Aixterm.  I want to
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columns to fit the screen.  Is it possible that just increasing the font
size I can fill my screen?  If so, how do I do this?  Each time I try to
change something in the -fn, it appears nothing changes.  Do I need to load
more fonts from somewhere and if so, where?

Thanks much for the help!!

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