RH4 --> RH5 Upgrade, (g)libc: What are the issues?

RH4 --> RH5 Upgrade, (g)libc: What are the issues?

Post by Carlo Grazia » Thu, 05 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Hello, net.

I'm considering upgrading our RedHat 4 systems to RedHat 5.0.  I've been
trying to understand the problems that I can expect to develop after I
stick the CD in the drive, choose the upgrade option, and install all
the errata.

The main complaint seems to be some approximation of "Since RH5 is
glibc-based, your old (/usr/local/bin) programs, compiled against libc5
will no longer work.  Or something."

I have tried to locate a comprehensible account of why this might be,
but I have failed.  It seems to me that there should be no problem with
making glibc AKA libc6 be the default libc, so long as a copy of libc5
is still available.  This is precisely what the sonaming scheme is
supposed to ensure - that old binaries, linked against libc5 will still
seek out libc5 and ignore the incompatible libc6.

So, I'm missing something here.  What is it?

(a) Will the upgrade delete libc5 altogether?

(b) Will the upgrade somehow mess up the libc5 installation?

(c) Other?

And, is there a simple fix that does not involve recompiling every bit
of third-party software? We have rather rather a lot, unfortunately,
and some of it is pretty critical (ssh, amanda, ...).

Many thanks in advance,

Carlo Graziani
c-grazianiATuchicagoDOTedu (Sorry about that)


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RH 4.2 uses libc 5, RH 5.x (and future versions) use glibc.  glibc has a
different format for those files than libc 5 did.  I would imagine that you
could simply "null" (cp /dev/null <file>) the files utmp and wtmp (and
probably lastlog as well).

If you then re-login, things should work.

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