Three print queues, one printer--possible conflicts?

Three print queues, one printer--possible conflicts?

Post by Robert Nicho » Sun, 01 Feb 1998 04:00:00

:I have my Linux box set up with three print queues feeding my DeskJet =
:682C--one queue for plain text (with a filter to convert LF to CR/LF), =
:one for PostScript jobs (uses Ghostscript as a filter), and one for PCL =
:jobs.  I also have my Win95 box talking to all three queues, so I can =
:use the PCL driver that came with the printer for most jobs or switch to =
:PostScript for those programs (such as Illustrator) that would benefit =
:from it.
:All this stuff is working great...but I have a question regarding =
:multiple print queues feeding one printer.

There's no problem with multiple queues feeding a single printer device,
though what you describe above can perhaps be done more efficiently with
a single queue and a magic filter.  I run multiple queues for letter
quality vs. draft, and single-sided vs. duplex.  The parallel port
driver is always exclusive-use -- while one queue's daemon has the port
open all subsequent attempts to open the port fail.  The print daemons
are smart enough to recognize the error code and try again after a

In a busy environment, multiple queues have the disadvantage that the
queue that currently holds the printer must drain completely before any
other queue gets service, but that's generally not a problem on a box
with just one user.


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