what is the newest kernel version?

what is the newest kernel version?

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>        What is the newest of linux kernel version? Where can I get the
>package of "procs"?


     The two latest kernel versions is 1.2.13 - stable kernel and 1.3.62 -
development kernel. You can get the procps package from the main Linux
directory at one of the sunsite mirrors in system/Status/ps as procps-0.99.



1. Newest kernel version to fix memory problems...

: At one point, 11 mb worth of buffers were shown as being used and I thought
: that it had to do with playing audio cd's through my cdrom.  So I stopped
: doing that.  It didn't help.  So I unmounted all nfs file-systems.  Ditto.

: I'm stumped.  It seems that the kernel should return all alloced memory to the
: general memory pool after a process terminates even if that process never freed
: the memory itself.  So I tried mallocing a meg or so and exiting, but that did
: not seem to be the cause.

Effectively buffers ARE the general memory pool!

Any 'unused' memory in Linux is allocated to the buffer cache.  When a program
requires extra memory (eg you startup Emacs) then the cache is shrunk by
enough to allocate the required memory.

This has been discussed ad nauseum these past few weeks....


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