How to make Suse instalation CD?

How to make Suse instalation CD?

Post by Rafael Przybyszewsk » Wed, 05 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I downloaded whole Suse 6.3 directory by ftp. Together is more then 2
GB. How to devide it to make instalation CD, like you have in commercial
version where you have 6 CD's. Which rpm on which CD etc. Please help.



1. Suse Instalation CD problem

Please help me.
I wanted to instal suse Linux, I downloaded more then 3 GB files (rpm
and etc) from net. But I don't know how to prepare instalation CD. How
to devide all files, what should be on the first CD.
I prepare boot floopy, but its seems that CD I made have wrong files.
Who know how to do it????

P.S Please sent answer to my email too.

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