resident size of a task

resident size of a task

Post by Michal Szymans » Fri, 15 Oct 1999 04:00:00

When using 'top' (RH 5.2, 6.0) in default configuration, one sees
"RSS" column which, according to the man-page, gives:

    RSS  The total amount of physical memory used by the task

This looks like (IMHO) resident memory usage of the task.
But, RSS reported is almost always equal to SIZE, which for sure is not
always true (should RSS be indeed resident size). On the other hand,
one can display /proc/PID/status, showing "VmRSS" size, another thing
referred to as "resident memory usage". These two numbers differ
greatly, e.g:


  921 msz       16   0 39132  38M   676 R       0 49.5 62.9  27:06 huge

Quote:>cat /proc/921/status

  VmRSS:      9104 kB

Question: which is the true "resident" memory size? If it is the latter
(which is my guess), would it be possible to display that number in "top"?

regards, Michal.


  Warsaw University Observatory, Warszawa, POLAND


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Solaris 9 FCS with Recommended patches through approx. October 2002;

What causes an xterm to hang for on the order of a minute when I
resize it? The system is banging noisily on the disk the whole time. I
have approx. 720 MB of free swap out of a GB, 320 MB RAM, and / is
less than 50% full. This is an Ultra 10/ 300 MHz, but I have seen
similar behavior on many other systems and at other installations, so
I'm convinced that it's either an xterm or a Solaris issue.

The scroll-back log is not even that large (although I always start my
xterms with "-sl 10000" (ten thousand lines max scrollback).

I see that the xterm process size is 145M and RSS is 134M, so that
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Thanks for any suggestions.


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