Fax Problem

Fax Problem

Post by Robert Savo » Thu, 19 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I am currently using mgetty+sendfax-1.0.0 in order to handle incoming
faxes. The software works fine except I have one problem. It is with
regards to saving multiple page faxes to one file.

The current setup that I have does the following...

Incoming faxes come in as g3 format files, one file per faxed page.

Using NetPbm...

        the g3topbm conversion takes place.
        the pnmtops conversion takes place.

I then use distilld from a Solaris box to convert the PostScript files to
portable document format (PDF) files that can be viewed with Acrobat
Reader. The Solaris box shares a few directories with my Linux box
through NFS to perform the distillation process.

The problem is that I would like for a multiple page fax to show up only
as a single PDF file. Currently, each page shows up as a seperate PDF

The best thing would be to find a tool that merges multiple PostScript
files into one, since all the processes can be automated.

Does anyone know if there is a tool to merge PostScript files? If so,
where is this tool available?

Thanks in advance,

Robert Savoie
Information Systems Manager
Global Direction Inc.