Northern NJ Linux Users Group

Northern NJ Linux Users Group

Post by Jim Brinkerho » Wed, 03 Jul 1996 04:00:00

I am starting a Linux Users Group for Northern NJ and am currently
looking for members and ideas from people on how to go about starting
this/advertising or for people in NJ -- meeting places.  

Thanks!  - CC me in e-mail...


Data: (201) 651-0229  Linux alcatraz 1.2.13 i486
For info on the Linux Users Group of Northern NJ
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1. LOCAL: Northern NJ Linux Users Group

NJ LUG: Passaic County Linux Users Group [/dev/plug]

 I have started a LUG in northern NJ.   We are starting with about 10
people and have had a lot of interest.  Anyone in the area is welcome to

our meetings.

See  for more information

Contact Info:
Matthew Hoskins

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