redhat 6.1 + win2k +internet connection sharing = good clean fun?

redhat 6.1 + win2k +internet connection sharing = good clean fun?

Post by michae » Mon, 14 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I am on a small home network with my machine (redhat 6.1) and the main
computer (win2k pro). I would like to know if i can access the internet
through the internet sharing feature provided with win2k. If it can be
done, could someone let me know how to do it?


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Figured out how to get the modem working (US Robotics 33.6 external on
"com2", can login to my ISP but Netscape keeps acting like I'm offline ?
My brain is hurting a bit now coz I've been at it two days.
All I wanted was a simple internet machine so no extra progs have been
installed. Its all very much the standard Gnome workstation setup.

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