DOSEMU with an S3-968 chip

DOSEMU with an S3-968 chip

Post by Chris Argui » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Has anybody had any luck get DOSEMU to run with this chip?

When I start up the emulator, DOS kicks into 80 column mode (from Linux's
132 column). I don't mind this. I can play DOOM and all other sorts of
video-intensive stuff no problem. But when I exit, Linux stays in 80
column mode. Also, it doesn't processes carriage returns (or rather, it
only processes the line feeds). If I use SVGALIB's textmode command
(having previosly saved the mode), it just goes totally out of sync. If I
run X windows it is fine, but when I exit X everything is still out of sync.

Just for an interesting note:
        SVGALIB doesn't always seem to work for me anyway. Koules and Zgv
work, SDOOM and abuse.svga don't (they just give me a nice vertical bar
pattern). However, after running DOSEMU, SDOOM and abuse.svga actually DO
work. It would appear that DOSEMU is kicking my card into some sort of
graphics mode, and not restoring it.


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