What's each newsgroup meant to ?

What's each newsgroup meant to ?

Post by Alex Ramire » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question (I really thik so, but I had to
ask anyway).

I'm almost new to newsgroups and I just joined all the linux groups, but
just the group name is not enough of an explanation.

Which kind of topics are treated in each group ?
I think that a thousand messages a day is something really hard to
digest, so I'd like to restrict meself to what I can handle.

Any help will be appreciated.
Please, replies by e-mail (I don't want to flood the group with useless
stuff like this question).
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What's each newsgroup meant to ?

Post by B.A.McCau.. » Fri, 29 Nov 1996 04:00:00

In article <329C540A.1...@bath.ac.uk> Alex Ramirez <ma6...@bath.ac.uk> writes:
>I'm almost new to newsgroups and I just joined all the linux groups, but
>just the group name is not enough of an explanation.

>Which kind of topics are treated in each group ?
>I think that a thousand messages a day is something really hard to
>digest, so I'd like to restrict meself to what I can handle.

Note the vast majority is noise.  95% could have been avoided if the
poster had spent 15 minuites by consuting the FAQ, man pages, HOWTOs,
kernel sources, FTP archive site indexes and last but not least the
last couple of weeks of the newsgroups themselves.

>Any help will be appreciated.
>Please, replies by e-mail (I don't want to flood the group with useless
>stuff like this question).

I'm posting this to the newsgroup 'cos it's a while since it's been

The Linux Newsgroups, in a nutshell
        Here is a list of the current Linux newsgroups, briefly:

comp.os.linux.announce           Important Linux announcements (moderated)
comp.os.linux.answers            FAQs, HOWTOs, and other documents (moderated)  
comp.os.linux.setup              Installation and system maintenance
comp.os.linux.hardware           Hardware support and compatibility
comp.os.linux.networking         Networking (TCP/IP, SLIP, PPP, etc.) questions
comp.os.linux.x                  Installing and configuring the X Window System
comp.os.linux.development.apps   Development of applications and other programs
comp.os.linux.development.system Development of the Linux kernel and system
comp.os.linux.advocacy           Linux with respect to other operating systems
comp.os.linux.misc               Miscellaneous discussions

Note that the above lines are not meant to be used for your "newsgroups"
file; I just made them up for convenience.

General Policy
        The general policy for the Linux newsgroups is simple. Who sets
        the policy? We all do. All of us on USENET are interested in
        communicating openly about a number of topics. That's why we
        have USENET. If you want the Linux newsgroups to work for you,
        a few suggestions:

        * Read the Linux FAQ and follow the newsgroups for some time
          before posting questions. This is very important. comp.os.linux
          suffered from HUGE amounts of noise and traffic because much
          of the growing readership never bothered to READ the newsgroup;
          they only posted questions.

          The same thing will happen with the new newsgroups unless you
          read the FAQ (found on sunsite.unc.edu in the file
          pub/Linux/docs/FAQ) and read the newsgroup for some time before
          posting questions. Chances are, your question has already been
          recently answered, and a simple browsing of the newsgroup
          will answer it. We suggest using a threaded newsreader such as
          "trn" which will allow you to browse and mark articles by
          subject, so you don't have to read each and every article in
          each newsgroup.

        * Crossposting between the Linux newsgroups is STRONGLY
          discouraged. If you do crosspost questions between Linux
          newsgroups, expect to be flamed to oblivion. The reason we
          have a newsgroup split is to categorize discussions into
          separate newsgroups. Crossposting negates this effect.
          If your posting cannot fit into ONE of the Linux newsgroups,
          then you should post it to c.o.l.misc.

          The one exception is for announcements. Occasionally, an
          important announcement (such as this one) will be crossposted
          between c.o.l.announce and one or more of the other c.o.l.*
          groups. These announcements must be approved by the .announce
          moderator; see below.

        * Reply to questions via e-mail if at all possible. While
          discussion in the newsgroups is encouraged, if someone is
          asking a simple question to which the answer is well-known,
          there is no reason to post the reply. Don't assume that
          the person posting the question actually reads the newsgroup
          or will even note your followup if they do. Reply via e-mail
          unless the reply is of general interest.

        * Don't flame newbies. Over the course of the past few months,
          the Linux community has developed an oversensitive ego and
          a reputation for being unfriendly towards newcomers, mostly
          because of unwarranted flaming by a handful of righteous
          individuals. If someone posts, saying, "Hi! I'm new to
          this group! What is Linux?" (which will inevitably happen
          as the new newsgroups are propagated), DO NOT FLAME THEM.
          When someone sees a new newsgroup pop up within "rn", they
          are justifiably curious about the new group and probably
          don't know that well over 80,000 people who know EVERYTHING
          about Linux read the group. Right?

          Instead of being rude, you can send a polite note to the
          poster, saying, "Hello, Linux is a free implementation of
          UNIX for the 386 and 486. You can get the FAQ from
          sunsite.unc.edu in /pub/Linux/docs. Let me know if I can
          be of help!". That's all. Not difficult, eh? You can even
          save your stock reply in a file and simply send form-letters
          to newbies if you wish. But there is very little point in
          flaming or ever being rude. It goes against everything that
          Linux can and should be.

          Just remember that nobody knows everything---not even Linus---
          and that you were a newbie once, too. :)

        Comp.os.linux.announce is a moderated newsgroup for Linux
        announcements and source patches. The purpose of this group was
        to get all of the ``important'' Linux information out of the
        regular newsgroup and into a place where all Linux users could see
        the important announcements without having to wade through a
        jungle of other postings. So far, this group has been very

        The moderators for this group are myself (Matt Welsh,
        m...@tc.cornell.edu) and Lars Wirzenius (wirze...@cc.helsinki.fi).
        We will be sharing the moderator duty, and backing each other up
        to make sure that postings to this group will be approved as soon
        as possible after they're submitted.

        Submissions to this group should be mailed to the address:

        If you have any problems or questions about c.o.l.announce, please
        send mail to the moderators at
        Or simply mail us directly. This is not a request address for
        mailing list subscription; see below.

        NOTE! The above mail addresses have CHANGED. The original addresses
        were @tc.cornell.edu. You should use the new addresses instead.

        A separate posting details the guidelines for submitting to this
        group.  I plan to approve just about anything that's posted to this
        group, except for questions or discussions about Linux. So, please,
        post away.  :)

        There are also archives of comp.os.linux.announce available at a
        number of Linux FTP sites: check

        There is a mailing list mirror of the comp.os.linux.announce
        newsgroup; to join, send mail to
        With the line
                X-Mn-Admin: join ANNOUNCE
        at the top of the body (not in the subject). Approved postings to
        c.o.l.announce will automatically be mailed to this mailing list

        This is another moderated newsgroup for posting longer
        documents, such as FAQ lists, Linux HOWTOs, and so forth.
        Pointers to these documents will be posted to c.o.l.announce,
        but c.o.l.answers will contain the bulk of the material. Using
        two newsgroups allows those with slow or expensive newsfeeds to
        not download the large postings found in c.o.l.answers, instead
        choosing to only receive the announcements in c.o.l.announce.

        The moderator for this group is Matt Welsh. Submissions to
        this group must be approved by the moderator. If you have an
        FAQ or another periodic posting that should appear in
        c.o.l.answers, send mail to
        to get approval for posting. If you have questions or comments
        about this group, send mail to
        This address is NOT for mailing list subscription requests.
        Currently, there is no mailing list mirror for c.o.l.answers.
        Hopefully, one will be set up soon.

        Note that Linux HOWTO documents will be automatically posted to
        this group by the moderator; if you are a Linux HOWTO author,
        there is no need to individually post your HOWTO. If you wish
        to write or submit a new HOWTO to the archives, send mail to

        This newsgroup is used for discussions and questions about
        installing and running Linux systems, either in a single-user or
        multi-user environment. Any general questions related to system
        installation, configuration, or administration should be directed
        here. Questions specific to X, networking, or hardware have their
        own groups; see below.

        This newsgroup is for questions and discussions related to
        hardware support under Linux. Can't get that BogoMatic
        Parallel Food Processor to work with your Linux box? Here's the
        place to post. You should also see the comp.sys.ibm.pc.hardware.*
        hierarchy of newsgroups.

        This newsgroup is for discussions about networking support
        under Linux, including TCP/IP, SLIP, PPP, UUCP, and other
        protocols. If you have a question about setting up networking
        on your system, this is the place to post. If your question is
        related to

read more »


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