XFree86 and 9FX Reality 332 card

XFree86 and 9FX Reality 332 card

Post by Simon Mille » Sun, 27 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I wonder whether anybody can help me: I have recently bought a new PC,
which came with a Number Nine 9FX Reality 332 graphics card.  I've been
trying to get X to work with this, but no reasonable configuration seems
to work.  (And there isn't a standard entry for that card.)

Has anybody managed to get X working with this card?  If so, I'd be very
grateful if I could see your /etc/XFree86Config.




1. Q: 800x600 or better from 9FX Reality 332 & XFree86?

I understand the Virge chipset in the 9FX Reality 332 video card that's
installed in the Dell Dimension I just received isn't supported in XFree86.
At the moment I don't need all the whiz-bang features I'll have access to
once the S3 server supports this new card, I just need 800x600 or better
resolution out of the thing.

I've been able to get it up in 640x480 w/ the VGA server. Does anybody know
of a way to go higher?


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