Runaway Linux processes-Native Posix Threading Library- Old linux threads

Runaway Linux processes-Native Posix Threading Library- Old linux threads

Post by SRIKANTH N » Fri, 13 Jun 2003 16:05:16

Hi All,

I had an experience today. I opened   (an Indian vernacular
language site) using opera7.11 in RH7.3 (Celeron 900 MHz, 128 MB  RAM with
IceWm desktop, not the KDE) with the fonts ( kumudam.ttf)  installed. The
site did not open fully and there was lot of disk thrashing going  began. I
thought of giving "top" to see the offending program, but no way. Nothing
registered, mouse clicks, key strokes, nothing. After waiting for more than
7 minutes, I had no other go other than a hard reset.
Then I was reading "All about kernel 2.6 " in Linux For U Magazine
(  , a magazine for linux users in India )  by KT Ligesh in
which a paragraph about old linux threads was mentioned. It was mentioned
that it can take about 15 minutes for that old threading to start &stop
1,00,000 threads. With new Native Posix threading Library (NPTL) an
eightfold improvement is expected.

Anyway all this geeky jargon is way over my head,  my only doubt is whether
such a phenomenon is the one causing problems like I mentioned in first
paragraph. At that time apart from Opera only gedit was open and  three more
terminal windows.
I was having this problem of runaway processes when I used KDE , that's why
I switched to IceWm, but even here ? Or am I looking in the wrong direction?

Any more light on the problem faced as well as this improved threading in
Linux by Gurus in this group will be very much appreciated.

N S Srikanth