dvips segfaults with new kernel

dvips segfaults with new kernel

Post by Ingjald Finjor » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I had a Linux Slackware installation, the one obtainable
by ftp from sunsite.unc.edu in Oct./Nov. '95 (Slackware 3.1?).
I.e., kernel 1.2.13, libc.so.5.0.9, libm.so.5.0.0, ld.so.1.7.3,
Elf system.
Recently I upgraded to kernel 2.0.30, libc.so.5.4.33, libm.so.5.0.9,
ld(-linux).so.1.8.10. The links and file placements are correct
according to the ELF-HOWTO. However, I have kept the*version
from the previous installation, including dvips.

And when I now runs dvips, it says:
     This is dvipsk 5.58a (and so on)
     Segmentation fault
Rebooting with the old kernel, however, I can still use the old
dvips (although of course other things like the new modules do not
work with the old kernel).

How comes?
And can I do anything to avoid the segfault, other than installing
LaTeX/dvips anew?

:)  Ingjald Finjord


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I just installed NTeX, from the Slackware Aug. 96 CDROM distribution
of Linux.

Latex seems to work fine.
dvips segfaults immediately. Without any options or input
it is supposed to print the list of command line options,
it segfaults in this case too.

Also, xdvi does not seem to handle overlays properly, and
ghostview does not seem to display the right fonts--the fonts
displayed are much smaller than should actually be.

Any help/insights would be very much appreciated.


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