Help! Courier i-modem ISDN?

Help! Courier i-modem ISDN?

Post by Eric Webste » Fri, 19 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Does anyone know if the INTERNAL Courier ISDN I-Modem works with Linux?
Currently I have RH5.2 with the stock 2.0.x kernel; if the 2.2.x kernel
helps I can upgrade.




1. Courier I-Modem ISDN

I have an ISDN Courier I-Modem internal that I use inside my Linux
RedHat workstation.
While it works fine with pppd and diald whenever the other side uses
async PPP, I have
problems when the other side uses sync PPP and start to send frames
right away upon
the connection. In theory the I-Modem has a configuration option that
allows to
convert async PPP to sync PPP, in practice I can't get it to work.

Is there anybody who is using a Courier I-Modem and has come up with a
set up that
works with servers that use sync PPP?

Thanks --Albert

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