Vm Ware problem

Vm Ware problem

Post by Richard Goldbe » Wed, 26 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Hi guys,

I had bee running vmware 1.1 for several months with no prolems (NT as
guest Madrake 6.1 as host).

I recenly upgraded my host to VA-linux enhanced redhat 6.1 (very nice
distro for linux nfs servers)) and upgraded vmware to 2.0 (left my
NT installaion alone), and all of the sudden I get some very funny

Networking in general works fine, I can see computers in the network
neighbourhood, go on the web... But I can not see/access one machine in
any way. By this I mean I can't connect to it in the network
neighbourhood, I can't ping it, http to it (by name or IP). This machine
is a DNS, fo if it is my only DNS I can't do an web stuff (but if I
use a secondary DNS I can). This machine is a sun runing solaris
2.7. Its a DNS, web server, mails ever, ftp server, and fle server
(running samba). Several other people in the lab are running vmware
(some 1.1 and some 2.0) but none with VA-linux.

Another strange problem, when I  try to ping my virtual machine by name
or IP (or telnet to it, or http to it...), my host computer answers.
This happens if my VM is turned on or off.

I'm assuming the problem is with my linux settings, but I'm not sure.

Any pointers would be helpfull.


-Rick Golderg                            


1. NFS mount from VM-ware

Hi all,

Here's the situation. Vmware running on a WinNT machine with Redhat 6.1
as the guest OS. I'm trying to nfs mount a directory from a sun server
onto the virtual linux machine.

The virtual machine is in the servers /etc/hosts and /etc/netgroup and
make hosts/make netgroup has been run in the /var/yp directotry. But when
I try to mount the directory I get a
   mount: server:/local failed, reason given by server: Permission denied

I know yp is working since I can log into the virtual machine.

I am able to nfs mount any other machine on the network (linux, sun,
sgi), just not this one machne (which happens to be the nis master).

Any ideas/suggestions?


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