Binkleyterm and/or Maximus for Linux?

Binkleyterm and/or Maximus for Linux?

Post by Dave Spar » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone know if anyone has ported the Binkleyterm front-end
mailer and/or the Maximus BBS to Linux?  I'm running both of them
under OS/2 Warp, but I occasionally have to boot Linux on my
computer to accomplish some things that only Unix can handle.  I'd
like to have my BBS operational while Linux is booted.



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1. Maximus/opus or clone of them for Linux

        I am a grizzled Opus 1.73a user and I have been trying to find a
bbs that is similar to Opus, I do know Maximus is very similar but
apparently does not have a Linux or even a unix version. only Dos/Os2
versions exist.
        Is there a freeware or public domain (gnu copyleft?) version of a
bbs that supports the Opus/Maximus OEC's or Mecca type graphics and screen
controlls? that uses a bbs.ctl file? I am NOT interested in a REMOTE Access
type bbs program.
        I DO have Citadel ver 4.00 installed but I never used such a beast
and I do not even really know how to manage colors or custom terminal
configurations. Citadel seems to be dependent on a client/server
archetecture which does NOT really help me intergrate it into my hodgepodge
set up of leafnode 1.10b2 (yes, there REALLY is a 1.10B2. its beta though)
or the use of newsgroups for online users.
        I hate to have to go back to Ms-dos just to run Opus 1.79 or
Maximus since Linux provides the ability to intergate the internet into a
local dial up bbs system.

                A pearl of wisdom from the y2K newsgroups:
Y2K appears to be the Baby Boomers mid-life crisis, and it has the
potential to be a dandy.
                        -- Anonymnous --


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