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I'm doing some virtual websites on my linux boxs.  I'm primary and secondary
DNS server for them.  The problem is that a guy on Earthlink can't resolve it,
yet he can resolve others and even the real host.  I'm primary for the real
host as well.  AOL can resolve it, other people can resolve it, but he can't.

If he trys from microsoft, it works most times...

Any ideas?




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I have been wrestling with this for hours. I must be missing something

My local area network shares a cable modem with NAT. The host machine is a
Win98 box running Sygate for the NAT. Host machine is

I just installed Redhat 6.2 on a client machine. This box also runs Win98
and the internet settings work fine when I boot into Win98 (using LILO). I
simply CANT get the settings right to make Linux work on the net on this
machine. Everything works except for the DNS! I can access Internet websites
fine as long as I use IP numbers, but all domain names do not look up -- and
it's not a timeout either. Settings are as follows:

Name: marvin.blah.blah
host: marvin

I even tried changing the DNS address to the ISP DNS, but it made no

Now, can some guru tell me what is missing, or where else to check for
config problems? I was using Linuxconfig to make these settings. I would
imagine that the fact that the machine is Win98 is irrelevant,
since all the client machines are able to access the net properly (even the
Linux box, when I boot into Win98 works right). Since I can access websites
with IP addresses I figure the network is at least MOSTLY configured

Thanks in advance for any help offered. I am a Linux newbie.

-Brandon Staggs

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