linux 1.2.9 elf is released.

linux 1.2.9 elf is released.

Post by Ben A Lindstr » Thu, 08 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I'm assuming that in the 1.3.x that somewhere down the line Linus will
directly support ELF without extra patches.

Am I correct? (Oh I hope. =-)

: Hi,

: This is a new ELF patch, 1.2.9.elf, for Linux 1.2.9. It makes Linux
: 1.2.9 compatible with both ELF and a.out formats. You need modules
: 1.2.8 or newer to use module in ELF.

: You can edit arch/i386/Makefile to choose which binary format you want
: to compile the Linux kernel in. I only tested it on my machine.

: I also added the kernel ELF core dump, which is taken from the

: there may be an ELF bug somewhere:

: --foo.c--
: #include <stdio.h>

: main ()
: {
:   const char * const sd1 = "1.8976931348623157e+308";

:   *sd1 = 1;
: }
: ----

: Before 1.2.9.elf, I couldn't get it core dump under ELF if I used
: -static. This bug has been fixed in 1.2.9.elf.

: You also need a gdb patch to read the ELF core dump. There are two
: gdb patches: one for shared library and the other for ELF core.
: We need someone to put two together. I can put it on tsx-11 and
: sunsite. Drop me a line if you can help out. Thanks.

: This patch needs the following packages from me:

: 1. binutils 2.5.2l.17 or newer.
: 2. libc 5.0.9.
: 3. gcc 2.6.3/ELF.

: The primary ftp sites for the compiler/C library are
: under pub/linux/packages/GCC and under pub/Linux/GCC.

: After applying the patch, you can compile the kernel in ELF:

: # cd linux
: # gzip -dc ...../linux-1.2.9.elf.diff.gz | patch -p2
: # make zImage

: The resulting arch/i386/boot/zImage is compiled in ELF.

: After editing arch/i386/Makefile, you can compile the kernel in a.out.

: H.J.

: 06/06/95


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