Colorado Trakker 250

Colorado Trakker 250

Post by Sam Quigl » Fri, 11 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I have a parallel port tape drive -- a Colorado
Trakker 250.  I know that this drive is not
supported by ftape, but since it is a reasonably
popular drive, I was wondering: does there exist
a program that can read/write to/from these



1. Colorado Trakker 250

I was just given a Trakker 250MB tape drive that connects up to a parallel
port. Checking the hardware compatability faq gave me the answer that this
drive is unsupported.  Is there any way I can possibly still use this drive
to backup my linux system?


Peter L. Buschman

 Peter L. Buschman        .   .--.

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