Who has better Linux?

Who has better Linux?

Post by Amritpal S Ma » Sat, 22 Jul 1995 04:00:00

There are so many companies in the market to sell Linux and related
Products, making it tough to select. Does somebody know about the better one.

amritpal mann


1. Is AMD better or Intel better for Linux?


I am going to build a linux system running FORTRAN programs compiled by
either ifc or lahey.  Also I do a lot latex processing.
At the high-end, is Intel P4 better or AMD Athlon XP better?

At the moment, I am comparing Intel D850 EMVR (hyperthread) or similar
and ASUS A7N8X.
(dual bus or something).

According to the SPEC CPU2000 result from Windows XP, Intel is supposed
to be better.
However, almost all my experience has been the opposite.
What has been your experience?




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