Open letter to SW Technology

Open letter to SW Technology

Post by Jim Kune » Mon, 06 Jun 1994 17:36:48

To Mr. Marvin Wu, of SW Technology,

Mr. Wu,

    I am greatly disappointed by your company's service. As you know, on
May 24th, I sent email asking for a quote for a system I wanted to buy.
In this request, I specified components from the sales literature on your
account at Netcom, asking for a total price for a VISA purchase, and when
you would ship this particular system once you had the order. Thank you
again for your prompt reply, stating the total price, your FAX number, so
I could order more easily, and your statement that "It'll be shipped within
a week of a firm order". As you know, I immediatly faxed my order to you,
with my VISA info. So far, so good, so I settled in to await the email you
so kindly agreed to send to let me know when you shipped. NOW, as you ALSO
know, within a few days, my card was charged in full. My first thought was
"Great! They shipped already! He forgot the email, but that's cool." On day
8 after my order, I emailed you, asking about the status of my order which,
you had assured me, would ship "within one week". Now comes the fun. After
getting my quote request, you appear to have blindly answered rather than
checking, and therefore you had a problem getting the monitor. Sir, if you
don't have what you need in stock to build a system, you should never give
a firm shipping date. Now you say I will have it "within 10 work days after
the order". Well, sir, you have already promised shipping within one week,
and missed, so why should I believe you can ship in two weeks? The very least
you should have done is to email me that there was a problem, and shipping
would be delayed. That is the BARE minimum, since you have had my money for a
week, already. I, however, had to contact you to find out what was going on.
When you are dealing with thousands of dollars, I think the customer pretty
much buys the right to know what's going on with their order, and should be
kept informed. Please be advised, Mr. Wu, that if you have not shipped by 3PM,
central time, on Monday, June 6th, and informed me via email, I will be
visiting my attorney, right after calling Citibank, to see what can be done
about this matter.


James F. Kunert

P.S. Be assured that when/if this system arrives, the first thing I will be
doing is popping the case to make sure it is exactly as ordered.

                             Have a Nice Day  :-)