VGA card compatibality request

VGA card compatibality request

Post by Ishwar Ratt » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 11:27:19


I looked up the linux Hardware-HOWTO for the following two vga
cards and couldn't find the informatio. Please let me know by
e-mail if somebody is using any of these cards for XFe86 under
        1. VC300 SVGA card based on Cirrus Logic 5422 a 24-bit
           card with 1Mb RAM from REVEAL (a card form Taiwan),
           available for $98.99.

        2. Paradise VGA Accelerated Video Card (??) from Western
           Digital with 1Mb RAM available for $79.99.

Any information will be appreciated.


1. Oak VGA cards and Ethernet cards

        Has anyone out there successfully managed to get an OAK VGA card to
work with an Ethernet card?  Consistently I've noticed that some PCs with OAK
cards don't return the right IRQs for the installed Ethernet cards and the
TCP/IP stuff doesn't work.  However it works when the OAK card is removed.

        Has anyone else noticed this?  Work-arounds?  Please post or email.

                                        thanks in advance


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