Need more Linux Web Map beta testers

Need more Linux Web Map beta testers

Post by Roy Stogn » Sat, 28 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Thanks to everybody (More than 600 of you so far, wow!) who has been
by in the last few weeks to test and add links.  Thanks especially to and Linux Weekly News ( for
mentioning the Linux Web Map - probably half my hits were from there.

For those of you that missed my first post or two, the Linux Web Map
is my "uber-bookmarks page," an attempt to accumulate, categorize,
describe, rate, and make searchable my growing list of links to Linux
sites.  It's at

I've added a new feature today that needs testing - voting.  In
addition to my own rating, each link has a "Public Rating" field which
will display the average rating and number of votes given to that site
by web surfers.  You can vote on any site from that site's description
page.  The tests I've made seem to work, but come by and give it a
try; let me know if it's working or broken.

I also am still testing the search engine - no negative reports yet,
but it's only had 50 hits.

Finally, I'm still accepting (and discreetly begging for) link
submissions from users - the LWM has grown from 100 to 139 links in
the past month, but needs more.

The site is still a work in progress; in the next month I plan to add
"Last Modified" fields to all the links as well as additional ways to
sort and hunt through links.  Suggestions are welcome.
Roy Stogner