question about ATI 3D Expression pc2tv

question about ATI 3D Expression pc2tv

Post by sean » Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:00:00

How can I change:
        1. to 16bpp
        2. my virtual screen size, because my desktop is running at
640x480 but my virt.screen is stuck at 320x200 I believe, so I can't
see everything at once
        3. also how can I switch resolutions in the future, because I
would like to be running at 1024x760 16bit color

        Thank you for any help   :)




I'd like to hear of what kind of expieriences people have had with
these cards using XF86 or other X servers.

I'm planning to run RH Linux 4.0, and I'd like to run truecolor or
hicolor at 1280x1024. Does anyone have any comment on screen refresh
rates? Anything less than 76Hz is unusable IMO. According to ATI, the
3D XPRESSION+ PC2TV can do 90Hz, and I assume the PRO TURBO card can
do the same.

The questions are:

1) Can XF86 (or others) do 76Hz or better in 1280x1024 true/hicolor?
2) Can XF86 (or others) take advantage of 4/8MB of ram for larger
   virtual desktops, pixmap/font buffers, or whatever?

Thanks in advance.

        Haakon Rydland

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