secure ftp question

secure ftp question

Post by Teste » Fri, 09 May 2003 23:26:34

Hi there,
I want to implement an ftp or secure ftp site with Linux. What implications
are on the windows client ftp(it must support secure ftp?). Also where
should I place it on the outside, dmz or inside of our network? Thanks,

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I want to set up a secure FTP using OpenSSH on RedHat Linux.
Can the OpenSSH configured as:

1. Create a secure FTP account such that it only allows login
    using 'sftp' but not 'ssh'. It is like the 'wu-ftp' you can set
    the password entry as '/bin/true' or '/bin/nologin' in the
    'Shell' field so that user can only login using 'ftp' but not
    'telnet' nor 'rlogin'.

2. Once login through the 'sftp', can I restrict user to chdir
    to other directory except the directories under the user
    login directory? It is like the 'wu-ftp' to set the 'guestuser'.

Thanks for any advise.


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