EASYLinux: Using linux without installation

EASYLinux: Using linux without installation

Post by gerhard kowa » Sat, 26 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Quote:> EASYLinux

> This is a new distribution form of linux.

not new there are distributions wich have a life system.means the cd's they
are bootable and you can run instant linux

Quote:> The most important feature of this distribution is that
> one can use it as it is with copying some files without
> installation processes. Though the features have limited

no you have to choose what hardware you have to runreally good linux you
have to compile a fitting kernel

Quote:> The big strong point of this distribution is that one
> see the many features of linux without investing long
> period of time (#2 case of above listing).

one of theese features is that it will run on a as400 rs600 etc.with no
difference of handling , commands,proggys etc.

Quote:> For most of
> the people to see the power of X-windows system, for
> example, have to spend at least a month or so. Even

youwill get for all about 300 videocard-kinds  Xserver on one CD?

Quote:> after that period of time, for a certain unlucky one
> he have to change video card or some other devices.

they will be unlucky too if there is only an 16 colored 480x300 desktop

Quote:> For EASYLinux one can test out almost right away (for
> lets say 1 or 2 hrs for experts 1 days for beginners).
> The other strong point is that one have all the documents
> in ready to read form. Though almost all the documents are
> inside of linux, without installation it is not easy to
> read.

shure I mount the cd and read them all with netscape comm. without

Quote:> Any way this is very useful for me and I hope for you too.

> If you have any questios or suggestions, send me e-mail or
> call.

ther are some distrib's who install linux in an half hour (or less)a
distribution is not so cheap thats real...would your's be also free ?
( I mean GPL)

maybe its easier to know a friend who can:
compile an kernel
configure the configs for your system
make an bootable iso format cd (mkisofs , cdwrite)
ready.. (not so easy and quick but ..)
but you need an wr space also   swapdisk ..etc
how can one see the features when there is no mail,news ..working reall !
(you would read the same mail all the time and cannot even delete them or
get new)
so you must install something.beneath the performance of an cd-rom is real