HELP with TVGA9000 setup

HELP with TVGA9000 setup

Post by Wilfried Tenten K8/EIS2. Tel. 29 » Wed, 15 Jun 1994 01:51:24

Hi folks,
I am using LINUX slackware version 1.xx. My problem is with the graphics card set up.
I have the TVGA9000i card. The trouble is, that using the 800x600 SVGA setup
referenced in the configs "trident.xconfig", the screen starts with a lot of noise coming from
the high-voltage section. I fell in dought, how long my screen will survive this big
electrical overstress in its deflection unit.
The second is, I just tried to create a setup up for the 1024x768i with 16 colors,
the maximum for this TVGA9000i card. I was not successful.
Is anybody on line, who has experience with this card and can give me
the XCONFIG sections (please put them just as a file in your answer, my
LINUX is not connected to the mailbox).

Lot of thanks in advance


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1. X vga setup Xconfig for Trident TVGA9000 with VTECH 10765V

I know you've all heard this a hundred times already, but...

If anyone has successfully set up Xconfig for Trident TVGA9000 chip set with a
VTECH 10765V monitor I would greatly appreciate hearing about it.  Color
doesn't seem to get started at all, and I'm aware that the FAQ says other
people have the same problem, so I haven't bothered with that.  But I can't
get 2-color 1024x768 to work at all, even though MSDOS can do 16-colors on my
machine at that resolution.

Is there any documentation that explains what the numbers in the ModeDB
section are to mean when the interlace keyword is present?

Trident included a nice vga experimentation program called TVGACRTC which
includes a database accessible by a device driver of the same name.  The
database contains lines like this.  Does anyone know what the numbers mean or
how to use it to help setup X?

#mode  type  col row resolution clrs I/NI 3C2 3C5.D0 3C5.D1 3C5.E0 3C5.E1 3C5.0F 3D5.1E 3D5.1F 3D5/3B5(CRTC)
  5b  Graph 100  75   800x600   16   NO  ef   20      0     a8     40     70      0     89    7b 63 64 9e 67 8f 7b f0  0 60 1d 7f  0  0  0  0 5e 8a 57 32  0 58 7b e3 ff

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